Step 1: Reserve a Spot

To be next in line to choose a puppy from our next available litter, you’ll need to contact us so we can put your name on the waiting list. The full price for one of our beautiful Mini Goldendoodle puppies is $3,000.00. To secure your place on the waiting list, you can give us a $500 deposit. If your circumstances change and you cannot adopt a puppy, we offer a $250 refund.

Step 2: Choosing Date

As soon as we have an available litter, we will notify you and schedule a ‘puppy date’ so you can meet and choose your puppy. The choosing date will happen when the available puppies are about 5 weeks old (when they are more active and their eyes are open). This is so you can see each puppy’s individual characteristics.


Step 3: Pick Up Day

As soon as your adopted puppy has reached 8 weeks old, they will be ready to go home to you to be loved and enjoyed. Why 8 weeks? These precious 8 weeks allow your puppy to get a head start in life with essential nutrients and love from his or her mom. When you pick up your puppy, you can pay the final $1,000.


Health Promise

We love our puppies dearly; they are the offspring of our own personal pets, and we always do our best to ensure they are the healthiest they can be when they leave our home to become part of yours!

A number of different factors can influence your puppy’s health and well-being, such as nourishment, environment, genetics, and general training and care. We are aware of this and our relationship with you and our puppies goes beyond just the ‘take-home’ date. We offer a support line with help for training and advice as your puppy enters their next stage of life. Though it most certainly is an exciting time of life for everyone, it can come with questions that need answers and support that is needed which Google may not necessarily provide! The families who take home our little puppies are given much-needed peace of mind and can relax knowing they’re not alone in the process of training and loving a little puppy.

Each puppy is given specific care and attention, every day, with required health reports, up-to-date vaccines, de-worming, and thorough vet checkups. When you do take home your little puppy, we offer a complimentary vet checkup at that time, as a way of ensuring you know your puppy is completely healthy and ready to become part of your home for a very long time.

You also get 6 weeks of free Pet Insurance for your puppy. The insurance is valid at any Veterinarian Hospital/Clinic across Canada.