We Breed Beautiful Mini Goldendoodle Puppies

Healthy — Cute — Loveable


Why we love our mini goldendoodles,
and we think you will too!

As full time members of our family, our dogs have become a central part of our lives! We have found them a perfect dog for all types of lifestyles. They are loyal, lovable, trainable – and very cute! Our Mini Goldendoodles are non-shedding, not incessant barkers – and odor free! Many of our customers have found them to be hypoallergenic, but we go by individual customer’s experience.

We are located Near Vancouver in Langley, B.C Canada.


Perfect for any lifestyle

Whether you’re an avid hiker who wants a trail companion, a young family who want a playmate, or a retired couple looking for a loyal companion; our Mini Goldendoodles with their adaptable personalities fit right in. We have customers from a wide range of lifestyles who find our dogs perfect for them.


Perfect Size

Just right, at an average of 10-20 lbs full-size, our Mini Goldendoodles puppies make the perfect family pet for those looking for smaller doodles. This makes them ideal for condos and townhomes.


Highly Intelligent & Good Natured

A cross between the Miniature Poodle and Golden Retriever, the Mini Goldendoodle gets its intelligence from both breeds, as well as the truly loving and playful personality of the Golden Retriever. Our dogs love unconditionally and express their love in the most adorable ways. After a couple hours away from them, we always expect an excited “welcome back!” with the usual tail wagging and tongue lolling. They are great with kids and adults alike - intelligent and gentle but still playful.



Thanks to the poodle genetics, Mini Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic with their non-shedding hair (not fur). Because of this, our customers with dog allergies have found them to be a wonderful pet.


Easy to Train

Mini Goldendoodles are incredibly intelligent, which makes them highly trainable. Through a treat system, we’ve taught our dogs to stay, come, and even shake a paw. They love catching balls or sticks but sometimes need a bit of persuasion to surrender them once caught.