Current Litter

New Puppies  – 

May 23, 2019 update: Our two most recent litters which were born in late April and early May are already all sold! They are the cutest little puppies and to the left are recent pictures of Beleza’s litter at two weeks old. Our next litter will be born about the end of October and will be ready to go home around Christmastime!

Our goldendoodles can be a variety of colors when they are born. Their permanent fur comes in later and the true color will appear as they grow and develop.

If you want to reserve a goldendoodle puppy – please contact us. It may be possible to set up an appointment for you to see them. There is no wrong choice, though, as they are each perfect!
Call or send an email using the info on the contact page if you are interested in getting a puppy!

These Mini Golden Doodle puppies are about 8  to 20 pounds when fully grown, and are perfect for condos and townhouses that have size restrictions.  Sometimes we have one that is larger and sometimes smaller than what we expect. These dogs do not shed and might be suitable for people with allergies to dogs, depending on each individual person.   The puppies are offspring our own pets which are minigoldendoodles.  We do not get puppies from any other source other than our own personal pets. It may be possible to view our dogs by appointment.